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About urbanistic calculator URBANCA

The calculator is designed to evaluate the need for new housing areas in the municipality's territorial plans. It is also well-suited for processing the analysis of sustainable land development or for other analyzes, dealing with issues of adequate landfilling. The number of inhabitants and the number of occupied dwellings in the base year serve as the basis for calculating the extent of the necessary areas for housing. The calculation is made for the estimated population in the municipality in the target year (preferably for a period of about 15 years).

The URBANKA calculator enables an objective assessment of the need to determine the areas to be laid down for housing in accordance with section 53, paragraph 5, letter f) of the Building Act, as amended.

The calculator is intended primarily for land-use planning documentation and territorial analytical documents, land fund protection authorities and land-use planners and studios. For more information click here.

URBANCA - calculation

Operator of the calculator is Institute for Regional Information, Ltd.